Tenant Handbook


The building lobby and parking garage are equipped with 12 elevators providing service to the following areas: 

  • Four passenger elevators serving the lobby floor to floor 11
  • Four Passenger elevators serving the lobby floor, floor 2, and floors 11-20
  • Four passenger elevators serving the parking garage levels 1 - 9 

The building is also equipped with one freight elevator which must be used for all deliveries (See “Delivery Services” section). Circumstances requiring use of the freight elevator at length are to be coordinated through the Property Management Office, and must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance for after hours and weekend usage. After-hours access to the freight elevator requires the use of an authorized access card. 

After your initial move into the building, we request that your Company continue to schedule use of the freight elevator through the Property Management Office. 

Elevator Emergencies

All elevators in the building and garage are equipped with emergency phones linked to a 24 hours answering service.  The phones are located adjacent to the elevator entry/exit doors and are activated by pressing the red phone icon button. 

If the elevator malfunctions or stops, press and release the call button.  Each elevator will have an elevator identification number on the panel door.  Tell the person responding to your call which elevator you are in and approximately which floor you are stopped on. 

Once the elevator company is notified an elevator technician will be dispatched. The technician will either open the door and let you out or move the elevator safely down to ground floor and allow you to exit. 

Please remain calm. The elevators are equipped with interlocking safety features which prevent movement once the elevator has malfunctioned.